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Many race teams have sponsors. We have full-fledged Racing Development Partners who don’t simply supply us with components, they work with us to make those racing components better than the competition. Turner Motorsport is proud have the support of these partners who enable us to race at the highest level of competition at each and every racing event, please visit this page to learn more about partnering with Turner Motorsport Racing.


LIQUI MOLY has become the official lubricant supplier and partner of Turner Motorsport. The exciting new partnership kicked off at the Rolex 24 Hour at Daytona with the white, blue and red liveried No. 96 LIQUI MOLY branded BMW M6 GT3.

“LIQUI MOLY is a dream partner,” said Will Turner, President of Turner Motorsport. “Without a premium and proven oil, success in endurance racing is not possible. The products we use in our racecars must withstand extreme conditions and LIQUI MOLY can do just that. LIQUI MOLY offers a complete line of all products we use at the track, in our race shop, and in our exclusively BMW service center, making this partnership much more valuable.”

LIQUI MOLY offers a unique range of more than 4000 products globally. This product range includes motor oils, additives, greases, pastes, sprays, car care and sealants. Founded in 1957, LIQUI MOLY develops and produces their products in Germany. They are the market leader in additives and are repeatedly voted the best oil brand.

H&R Springs

For more than thirty years H&R Springs has established a proven heritage of unsurpassed industry respect and customer confidence. Built on the foundation principles of superior quality, true performance and reliable service, H&R is the unquestioned authority in the highly competitive spring market.

Turner Motorsport uses H&R Springs exclusively on our racecars, customer cars, and development cars. We recommend nothing less for our customers who wish for quality, sophisticated engineering, and performance. It’s what we win with and what we want you to win with too.

Understanding driver’s needs and matching those desires to quality products is one way H&R distinguishes itself from the rest of the spring manufacturer pack. Such attention to distinctive styling as well as precision form provides the motorist with smoother performance and more accurate handling. And 100% of H&R Springs meet or exceed ISO 9001 QAS (quality assurance standards); no other spring manufacturer can make this claim!

The H&R brand, combining exceptional quality, outstanding performance and unparalleled service, is the industry leader for the obvious reasons. Race tested, acclaimed worldwide, and boasting qualifications exceeding industry standards, H&R is your proven partner in ensuring the driving enthusiast’s safety and comfort.To learn more about H&R, please visit their US website: www.hrsprings.com.


When it comes to high-tech car care products, SONAX is the leader. SONAX has over 65 years of experience, the highest quality standards and the through the years official supplier to many of the leading Formula One teams including McLaren, Williams F1 and Infiniti Red Bull Racing. They are also the official team supplier for the BMW Motorsport M4 DTM program.

SONAX is the approved partner in car care for leading Car Brands, such as: BMW. Audi, Mercedes, and Chevrolet to name but a few. SONAX is also the number one brand in Germany and a leading brand in Europe. SONAX is the only company which is fully endorsed for exclusive use on all Mercedes Benz and Audi cars. With a 65-year long tradition of producing only the highest quality car care products for automotive enthusiasts and professional race team alike, Turner Motorsport is proud to have SONAX as a premier sponsor for the Turner Motorsport Z4 racing program.

Turner Motorsport trusts SONAX car care products on our Turner Project Cars and professional race cars, and Turner employees trust them with their personal vehicles. Trust SONAX for the ultimate protection for your vehicle. Visit them at www.sonaxusa.com to learn more. View the SONAX product line on our website www.turnermotorsport.com


A member of the TMD friction group of companies, Bremsen Technik GmbH (BT) is the worldwide distributor of Pagid sport and Racing brake pads. Brake Technology of America is the U.S. counterpart of this highly-respected company with North American distribution, customer support, and marketing.

BT does research and development at the track together with manufacturers and race teams and provides this information to the development engineers at Pagid. In turn, Pagid develops different varieties of friction compounds in its laboratories, does dynamometer-testing, and produces Racing and Sport pads. BT then distributes the entire line of Pagid brake pads out to customers worldwide.

Pagid pads are designed to produce the highest possible performance levels over a wide range of operating conditions. Pagid pads are produced in a total of seven different material formulations – each one, the product of thousands of hours of testing and development work. Pagid brake pads are available to fit many of the popular racing caliper applications and also may be fitted as an upgrade to many standard calipers for high performance cars.

With facilities in Rossbach and Essen in Germany, Pagid is one of only a small number of companies capable of developing and manufacturing brake friction solutions for use in the premier motorsport competitions including WRC, Formula 3, Formula 3000, NASCAR, Cart Series, Touring Cars and Porsche Super Cup. Visit them at www.pagidracing.com to learn more.

120 Workwear

While the rest of the market is focused on making workwear cheaper and cheaper, 1620 is hard at work building it better and better. 

The last two decades of advancements in the apparel industry have led to amazing growth. Merchandise, customers, investors and merchants have benefited exponentially from technology-driven innovation. The emergence of smart textiles and advanced manufacturing capabilities has forever changed what we should expect from our clothing. Almost every apparel category from ath-leisure to dress has leveraged these innovations, but one important category has been overlooked: Workwear.

Designed to be trusted, 1620 Workwear combines modern fabric technologies and construction resulting in unprecedented comfort, quality and detailed functionality. 1620 builds the premium workwear that the modern working customer needs and deserves. By disrupting this stale and devalued category, 1620 champions and restores respect for the modern worker by building the best workwear money can buy. We’re more expensive, but our customers are worth it.

Scroll through the rest of our process for the real transparency of how we do things, and what you are paying for. There is more value in our gear than any other product in the category.

Escort Radar

Founded in 1978, Escort Radar has a long history of leading technology in radar and laser detection. Launched under the company name Cincinnati Microwave, Inc., today, ESCORT continues to develop high-performance radar and laser detectors, under the Passport brand name and has been issued over 85% of patents in the field – more than all other competitors combined. Our dedication to honing cutting edge technology has been rewarded with numerous industry honors and we are proud to be among the most respected in the industry. Company headquarters are located in the Cincinnati, OH area, and the full line of radar, laser and safety detectors is designed, manufactured, and marketed in North America.

Escort Inc. is a proud North American company. Headquartered in metro Cincinnati, OH, Escort Inc. has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing industry leading radar/laser detectors and premium automotive accessories right here in North America for over 30 years.

ESCORT operates under one simple premise: Provide their customers with the best products and services period. After all it all starts with the customer.

Escort has sold more than 10 million detectors and automotive products that help you Drive Smarter. Their goal is to exceed your expectation on every unit they sell. View a full selection of Escort Radar and Laser products on our website.


Gas Monkey Energy Drink is the newest addition to the ever-growing global Gas Monkey brand and is a proud sponsor of the Turner Motorsport Championship winning BMW race team. Gas Monkey Energy is the perfect match to our race team with its shockingly bad-ass flavor and it’s equal parts drive & delicious!

Gas Monkey Energy Drink delivers a power punch to your taste buds and supercharges your get-up-and-go, but with NO ASPARTAME, NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, NO CRASH, and is also – GLUTEN FREE!

Gas Monkey Energy Drink will also keep your engine revving with clinically proven functional ingredients that allow your body to restore and sustain energy. Made with a premium pharmaceutical grade vitamin pack that includes ginseng, guarana, taurine, and is oh so, naturally sweetened with HONEY! Also available is Gas Monkey Energy Light, you get the same great taste and adrenaline-pumping combination of the Gas Monkey Regular, but with only 10 calories, 0 carbs, and 0 sugars! Look for Gas Monkey Energy Drink in a store near you. GYSOT!


RECARO is the seat specialist for the automotive industry with “complete seat expertise”. Decades of collaboration with medics, professors of ergonomics, universities and institutes have created an unreachable lead for RECARO. Convincing quality in every phase of development and production, the company has profiled itself as an innovative technology company in worldwide competition. For years now, many renowned car makers including BMW have put their trust in the outstanding, integrated service offered by RECARO. Professional seats for motorsport have a long tradition at RECARO. The company has enjoyed success in motorsport for over 25 years. In terms of safety and seat technology, RECARO’s experience in this field offers a development lead, which all classes of world-leading drivers use to achieve success. This knowledge from the world of motorsport is also the basis on which trust for the development of RECARO seats for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and child seats is built.

Turner Motorsport uses Recaro racing and competion seats in all of their racecars in the Rolex Series as well as the Continental Tires series. Much like Turner Motorsport, Recaro is dedicated to innovative technology, quality, and safety making it a good match for a racing development partner.

Please visit www.Recaro.com for information on their racing products.